We are looking for the best and most original videos on the web regarding cheating at cards. To submit, simply send your contact information and youtube video link to Our panel of judges will review all videos and select our favorite based on these criteria:

  • Difficulty of technique
  • Ease of execution
  • Practicality at the card table
  • Originality
  • Number of youtube views

Please keep all videos under three minutes long. There is no limit for how many submissions one can make. Here are some ideas we are looking for…

Complete procedures from a shuffled, non-prepared deck, including a wash shuffle, culling desirable cards, stacking the deck, offering a final cut, nullifying the cut, and dealing.

Individual techniques: Crooked dealing (bottoms, seconds, and centers), false shuffles, stacking techniques, handmucking, memorized slug work, and demonstrations of nullifying the cut.

Bonus points for demonstrating application in a real or simulated poker environment. Extra bonus points for including somewhere in the video. Winners will be publicly recognized and will be rewarded with a cash prize and/or products.

Have the chops? Flaunt it.

Note: Having the best video is not the only way to win. If you submit your video and we link it on our site, you will be put in for a drawing for great prizes from our products section.

Submissions are welcome immediately.

First contest judging / drawing: Currently closed.