Cheating at poker in the casino takes place, however the approaches are more limited than what may be found in the private game environment. In the casino, there are far less opportunities for a mechanic to use sleight-of-hand to cheat for an advantage. Perhaps the most well-known techniques for cheating at poker in the casino are:

Marking Cards During Play - This already been briefly discussed in the previous section. I mention this again because it is quite common to find cards that have been nail nicked or bent for visual recognition (amongst an array of more devious tactics).

Collusion - Collusion is the most common as well as one of the most deceptive forms of cheating. Collusion is the collaboration of two or more poker players to gain an unfair advantage at the card table. Utilizing signals, betting strategies, and sometimes sleight-of-hand, this is a very hard poker scam to catch when done properly. Sometimes players will choose to sit next to each other, which will allow them to cheat by switching one of their hole cards under the table. This allows the cheaters to land more pocket pairs, as well as complete more flushes and straights. Other collusion tactics include putting the best hand forward, so that only the best hand out of the colluding players will be played in any given hand. Using signals, they communicate to make the best decision. Clearly this is a very subtle way to cheat at cards. Other ways that collusion can be used to cheat at cards is playing soft. Cheaters that go up against each other will not raise each other hard, and may even check through the rest of the hand to avoid taking money from each other. During tournaments, a card cheater may dump his chips to another partner that is low to keep him in the game.

Betting Tactics - There are many different tactics that can be used to create a deceitful edge, from string bets variations (designed to garner a read on an opposing player) to using approaches such as saying "I'm callin':" in a way that sounds like "I'm all-in."

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