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poker cheats exposed

Poker Cheats Exposed (2 DVD Set): Sal Piacente

Poker Cheats Exposed is a must for poker players of all skill levels. Find information on aspects of poker you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. Major casinos and law enforcement agencies turn to Sal Piacente for training in protecting the table games at the casinos, and now you can too. This 2 DVD set includes False Shuffles, Stacking, Beating the Cut, Peeking, False Deals, Location Play, Palming, Signaling, Marked Cards, The Cooler/Cold Deck, Holdouts, Shiners, and Chip Copping.




the cheat

The Cheat (DVD) by Richard Turner

Presented under the theme of "Protecting Yourself at the Card Table", this video series was filmed in - studio with the latest in camera and editing equipment. Many of the over 200 techniques demonstrated are shown not only in slow motion, but are also filmed from under a glass table, providing a view never before seen. Topics include eighteen ways of false shuffling and false cutting, stacking the deck using overhand shuffles, riffle shuffles, table faros, nullifying the cut, the hop, one and two-handed shifts, crimps, second, center, and bottom deals, peaks, playing extra cards, palming cards, the double discard, the brush, hole card switches for 5 and 7 Card Stud and Blackjack



The Science of Shuffling and Stacking: Richard Turner

Richard included all of his most deceptive, cascading false shuffling controls. You will learn many false cutting techniques, Strip-outs and Pull-outs, Faro Shuffles, Zarrow Shuffles, and over a dozen ways to stack a poker hand using simple to advanced gaming techniques. Viewers will learn to control many odd laymen shuffles. Finally, to match real world gaming procedures, Richard included full deck controls using the Riffle-Riffle-Strip-Riffle Cut.

Also included are two gambling routines; Cutting Aces and Run’em Up. Bonus features include a viewing of Richard’s Double Signed Card Routine, television clips, cuts from the Magic Castle, photos and more!





Best Of The Bottoms (2 DVD Set) by Richard Turner

In this two-DVD set Richard (A Master Fifth Degree Black Belt) uses his 35 years of martial arts footage to talk about discipline and focus. He addresses the many speculations about his super, bat-like vision, questions like, "Is it true that he blocks with his head to protect his hands?"

The DVD concludes with the LA Times story describing how he took on ten fighters for his first black belt.

But the meat and potatoes are the hours in-between where this DVD will include Turner’s See Saw Bottom Deal with his Clip Take. The See-Saw will be shown with cards face-up on the bottom… Close-up dealing top bottom top bottom… with Turner’s hand resting dead still on the table... from above dealing the bottoms opening the hand before each deal to show the deck does not need to be framed… and from under a glass table to clearly see the below finger work.

You will also learn:

* Gambler’s Palm from a Riffle Shuffle
* Sailing the Bottom
* Sailing the Stud
* Turner’s Off Beat Bottom
* Palming While Riffle Shuffling
* Upper Corner Stud Bottom
* Turner’s Dead Top Bottom
* Turner’s One Hand Bottom
* Vernon’s Open Hand Bottom (Marlo’s Vernon story told by Turner as he demonstrates the deal)
* Turner’s Open Hand Stud
* Turner’s Diagonal Down
* 4 Beats a Full
* A Double Duke for Hold’em
* Double Duke Stud
Only With a Bottom
* Four Magic Effects Using the Bottom
* Four to One
* Dead Man’s Hand
* Aces 2 and Card Finds the Card
* Turner’s Cut Card Palm
* Turner’s Cut Card Shifts — TCCS Five Ways (Using TCCS you can now get around the cut card and freely use your bottom deals)
* Other Gambling Effects using the TCCS
* Looks Like a Greek
* Looks Like a Greek Stud
* Bottom Greek
* Hold’em Sucker
* Must Be a Center
* Black Jack Every Time




george joseph


George Joseph is an authority on gaming protection and cheating. He has served as director of surveillance for Bally, Paris, Aladdin and Dunes casinos in Las Vegas. He is currently the president of Worldwide Casino Consulting, Inc. which oversees the training of casino and gambling security around the world. Joseph has also trained several law enforcement agencies and has served as an expert witness and consulting investigator on countless casino cheating prosecutions. His television appearances include: Dateline NBC, 48 Hours, America’s Most Wanted, Cheating Las Vegas, Cheaters Beware, Primetime, History Of Las Vegas and many others.

On this DVD he demonstrates and explains many sleight-of-hand techniques that are used to cheat at Poker. You will learn about false shuffles, false dealing, peeking at cards, switching cards, marking cards, controlling cards during shuffles, bend work, culling discards, crimping, palming, cold decking, false cuts, daub work, nullifying cuts, holding out, and much more. Each subject is further covered with demonstrations and discussions about related variations and techniques.

This is a crash course in what is possible at the Poker table. Sold for educational and entertainment purposes only. Millions of dollars are lost every year to card cheaters and we recommend that anyone who plays Poker be familiar with these techniques in order to protect themselves.

Subjects covered include: False Shuffles & Cuts, Overhand Controls, Stocking, False Cuts, Nullifying Cuts, The Anti-Cheat Cut, Second Dealing, Bottom Dealing, Peeks, Glim Work, Card Mucking, Holding Out, Marking Cards, Strippers, Marked Cards, Cold Decking...and much, much more.






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